Henry David Potwin - Artist

A Conceptual Realist

Artwork Purchase Details

It is easy to purchase one of these fine paintings.

No shopping cart application has been set up on this website to allow you to purchase one of David's paintings.

Here are the directions to follow to purchase one of David's paintings:
  • Write down the Title and Gallery Year of the painting you see on the website
  • Send an email to the Webmaster with the painting information and he will send back the purchase price to you.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the purchase price is for a "rolled" painting, it is not stretched or framed. The shipping cost for rolled paintings is included in the purchase price.
    • Note some of the paintings have already been stretched and / or framed because they have been shown in a gallery in Dallas or Austin and the gallery required framing for the show. But most of the paintings are available to be shipped "rolled" only. Note: a framing shop will stretch or restretch the painting for a relatively small fee when the painting is framed.

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