Henry David Potwin - Artist

A Conceptual Realist

Commissioned Portraits

Want to have a portrait made of yourself or a loved one?

Check out this new opportunity to obtain a commissioned portrait of yourself or a loved one

David will work with a professional quality photo, just have a have a print made in 5 X 7" or 8 X 10" ,showing as much detail as possible and send it to him. Natural lighting is best, preferable on a cloudy day. David wants to create an incredable portrait from a photograph you send so he prefers a hi resolution copy, and he reserves the right to decline a portrait if the photograph is not acceptable to use for a great portrait. He will return the photo along with the painting rolled and sent in a mailing tube. You will then need to take it to a framing shop to have it "stretched" and then framed.

Davids portraits start at only $300.00 for 16" X 18" canvas. This is a great price for a commissioned painting!

Want to see some exampes of paintings made from photographs? click here

For details, email Cathy P. Jones .

Click the picture to see a blowup

Boy and his Dog



Dog 2

Dog 3

Dog 4


Woman 1

Woman 2

Woman 3

Woman 4

Woman 5


Grand Ma and Child

Grand Pa and Child

Man 1

Man 2

Man 3

Lenore Osten

An Oldman

Boys 2

Family 1

Family 2

Family 3

Family 4


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