Henry David Potwin - Artist

A Conceptual Realist

Commissioned Portraits

Want to have a portrait made of yourself or a loved one?

Commissioned Portrait of Yourself or a Loved One

David will be happy to create a stunning portraitfor you.

‚Äč He recommends you arrange for a sitting. He may take a few photos if needed to complete the painting.

Upon completion, David will provide you with an oil painting on a canvas. You will then need to take it to a framing shop to have it "stretched" and then framed.

Email the Webmaster to start the process or for additional information.

Want to see some exampes of paintings made from photographs? click here

For details, email Cathy P. Jones .

Click the picture to see a blowup

Boy and his Dog



Dog 2

Dog 3

Dog 4


Woman 1

Woman 2

Woman 3

Woman 4

Woman 5


Grand Ma and Child

Grand Pa and Child

Man 1

Man 2

Man 3

Lenore Osten

An Oldman

Boys 2

Family 1

Family 2

Family 3

Family 4


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