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Critics agree that Potwin's "conceptual realism is relevant, provacative, and inventive, a painter to watch".

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There are Two websites that have an inventory of David's paintings where you can order reproductions of the paintings or choose to have the painting displayed on various items including coffee cups, pillows, tote bags, stationary, etc.

Red Bubble Artist Sites Page
Cathy also posts her amazing photos here, some of which David has used for inspiration.

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Two additional sites have an inventory of David's paintings for you to view.

Fine Art America

Art Wanted

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David's art was selected to be part of various on-line art exhibitions including:
2010 International Surrealism Exhibition Surrealism and Visionary art - May 2012 with these other artists:
Giorgio de Chirico, Hiroki Kakinuma, Luis Ricardo Falero, Charlotte Caron, Albert Robbe, Abraham Bloemaert, Adam Neate, Albin Brunovsky, Takahiro Hara, Marco Mazzoni, Jean-Pierre Alaux, Marcus Usherwood.

Henry David Potwin

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