Henry David Potwin - Artist

A Conceptual Realist

DP 2007 Gallery Pictures (36 Paintings)

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Adam and Eva in the USA

Arachno-Ankle Chopper- Plan B

Artesian Spring

Avenue of the Oaks St. Helena Island

Bananammo Plan 'B' Series-

Big Fish

Blimpjet- Anthrax Delivery System Plan 'B' Project-


Canyon Sunrise

Casualties Of Love


Flower Arrangement with Cameo


Guatemalan Village

House in the Woods

Hydra Tank- Plan B

Internet Cafe


Jungle Dream

Junk Islands

Junk Man

Killer Satellite- Plan B


Plans for War- Bunker Borer Buster- Plan B

Recoiless Helmet- Project Plan B

Red Rock

Red Sea Reef


San Gabriel Mountains

Stilthouse (Florida Backwoods)

Strong Fences Make Good Neighbors

Sulawesi Reef

Terrortactical- Plan B

Tree Study

Wasp Bomb

Wine Country
Total number of paintings shown 36

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