Henry David Potwin - Artist

A Conceptual Realist

Help David get released through a Presidential Pardon

David Potwin has been a federal prison for over 16 years (since 1994) for a mistakle he fully admits was a serious criime and a grave mistake from his youth. But no one was killed or hurt. We friends and family believe he has been in prison long enough for the crime, he is rehabilitated, no danger to the outside world, and that he should be relased so he can do what he loves, paint great artwork. One possibility is a Presidential Pardon.

If you want to help follow the instructions from David below:

My Dear Friends, I am once again filing for clemency, this time with Barack Obama, in hopes that the Democrats may look more favorably upon my release.

Once again, I am calling upon my friends to provide a brief letter of support and / or e-mail to:

The President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama
c/o United States Dept. of Justice Mr. Ronald L. Rodgers, Pardon Atty.
1425 New York Ave., N.W. Suite 11000
Washington, D.C. 20530 U.S.A.

Or you can e-mail to Mr. Ronald L. Rodgers, Pardon Atty.
Note that the capital letters in e-mail address are correct.

I'm sure that all of us are different people and the world a different place than existed 18 years ago. I yearn to paint in the free air of the world. I have missed all of those meaningfull events that mark our lives , the graduations, marraiges, births deaths loves triumphs and struggles and wish only to spend my time amongst family and friends.

This is a rare but not impossible undertaking. An old friend and cellie of mine named Don Clark was granted clemency by Pres. Clinton.
I believe that my only chance for success is an overwhelming show of support from as many people as possible in order to stand out from the other applicants. I don"t have any movie stars or famous advocates which seems to be the easiest way that applicants succeed.

I don't believe that I am that special or deserving of your help, but none-the-less here I am hat in hand. The e-mails do not have to be long or involved, they should all specify, "I am writing to you concerning Henry David Potwin, 26525-077 who is at F.C.I. Ft. Worth, in Ft. Worth ,Texas. I request that he be granted clemency."

Talking points, for example:
  1. the unnecessary harshness of his 25 year sentence
  2. that he has paid his debt to society
  3. has been incarcerated since 1994
  4. is no threat to society
  5. he is 60 years of age
  6. he is sufficiently rehabilitated
  7. he is an artist who has much to contribute and would be a valuable member of society
  8. his 82 year old mother is in need of his assistance
  9. he has the support of friends and family who would benefit from his release
  10. he has been trouble free in his institution and has taught art to prisoners for many years earning the respect of inmates and staff
  11. has friends and family willing to help him transition back into society.

Please do not hesitate to announce your credentials, titles, memberships and awards. You are all important people. This attempt will be my swan song and i really do need a chorus of a thousand. please feel free to post this wherever it may do some good and if you have the time, visit my website at www.henrydavidpotwin.com

Thanks. I am in all ya'alls debt.

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